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RailReLease was set up in 2005 with a view to optimizing the rail freight transport market. RailReLease started with the flexible marketing of overcapacity in railcars and locomotives. Three years later the concept has proved a great success, with a lease fleet comprising 600 railcars. RailReLease is thus the first lease company in the rail sector where railcars and locomotives can be leased anywhere in Europe on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

In 2007 RailReLease logistics started offering flexible rail logistics. Flexibility = Efficiency is our motto. By linking transport flows and developing qualitative concepts, dedicated RailReLease trains now daily criss-cross Europe from East to West and from North to South.

Raillogix was set up in 2008. Raillogix focuses exclusively on developing efficient concepts and linking networks and flows to offer high-quality and cost-efficient Rail Logistics!

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